Tha Street StringaBooking Tha Street Stringa is convenient, painless and professional! You can book and pay for your next event completely online using the links below. We guarantee an exciting, memorable event!

Plus, we want to help you succeed! With each appearance you book, we provide a comprehensive promotional package to help you get the word out, as well as a suggested show promotion timeline to get maximum audience draw!

***Free items included with every show you book include:

  • 100 11×17 posters
  • 500 postcards
  • 1 press release to local outlets
  • 2 Twitter blasts
  • 2 Facebook Blasts
  • Free “Best Booking Timeline” ebook

Are you ready to book a show?? It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

1) Put in your info for an INSTANT secret code for the Street Stringa Booking Agreement:

Your Email Address:
Show Type:
    Postal/Zip Code:

2) Fill out the booking agreement.

3) Submit your deposit at the link provided after.

That’s it! Tha Street Stringa will perform at your event!

Please email support (at) StreetStringa (dot) com if you have questions about booking Tha Street Stringa!

Price Chart

Prices are current as of February 2011, and have been rising steadily each month. Book your show TODAY to lock in the best rates!

Type of Gig Number of Gigs Personnel
Note: In addition, you pay for sound, lights, travel, lodging, meals. 1 gig 3 of 5 block (each)
(3 gigs in 5 days or less)
5 of 7 block (each)
(5 gigs in 7 days or less)
# of people # of plane tickets # of hotel rooms # of vans for local transport
Solo (CD Tracks) $           600 $           500 $        400 3 3 1 1
Solo (Drummer) $           800 $           700 $        600 4 4 1 1
Full Band $        1,200 $        1,000 $        800 8 8 2 2

Get More With Block Booking

What is block booking? Simply put, it’s a way to share the cost while spreading the love!

We encourage you to “block” dates together with other promoters. In other words, if several venues from a region want Tha Street Stringa, it saves everyone money to “co-operate.” They do this by all booking Tha Street Stringa during the same week. This cuts down artist travel costs and these savings are passed on to the venues.

For example: Let’s say a single show is $1000. If the venue can form a block with two other venues in their region so that the artist can perform at all three within five days (a 3 of 5 block,) the price drops to $850 each and the venues can just split the air hotel and food costs. If five venues can book her out for the whole week (a 5 of 7 block), and each venue would only pay $750.

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